Naval Reactors History Database (nrhdb)


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Naval Reactors History Database technology

The eXtensible Text Framework (XTF), an open source platform developed by the California Digital Library (CDL), is used to support this online service. XTF's search is based on the Apache Lucene search toolkit. For the Naval Reactors History Database, I've coded some user interface and back-end customizations, which are available on GitHub.

In addition to this interface, the database uses XTF's support for the Open Archives Initiative-Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH). As an OAI-PMH data provider, the database can be harvested. Its base URL is: (example verb usage).

The XTF platform and the data reside on an Amazon Web Services Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) reserved instance (using the Amazon Linux AMI).


I presented on the technology used for the Naval Reactors History Database at two conferences in 2011, the code4lib Northwest meeting in Portland, Oregon (slides) and at the LITA National Forum in St. Louis, Missouri (slides). I presented on XTF basics in a lightning talk during the code4lib 2012 conference in Seattle, Washington.

  Al Cornish
  Eugene, Oregon USA