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1Title:  USS California, D2G-powered guided missile cruiser Add
 Summary:  The USS California was the lead ship in the California-class of nuclear-powered guided missile cruisers (CGNs). The California's construction was funded in the 1967 shipbuilding program, which also included funding for the Nimitz, the second nuclear-powered aircraft carrier. Historian Francis Duncan notes the importance of mandatory language inserted by the House Armed Services Committee in the funding of these two surface nuclear-powered vessels, following several years of resistance by Department of Defense officials, particularly Secretary Robert McNamara, to the expansion of the surface nuclear fleet. 
 Reference:  Duncan, Francis. Rickover and the Nuclear Navy: The Discipline of Technology. Annapolis, Md: Naval Institute Press, 1990, page 153. 
 Date:   unknown  
 Subject(s):  D2G | USS California (CGN-36) | Naval Reactors 
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2Title:  The USS Nimitz underway, with nuclear-powered escorts Add
 Summary:  The USS Nimitz at sea, escorted by the nuclear-powered guided missile cruisers USS South Carolina (top) and USS California. The Nimitz was commissioned on 3 May 1975 and is powered by two A4W reactor plants co-designed by the Knolls and Bettis atomic power laboratories. The nearly fourteen year delay between the commissionings of the Enterprise and Nimitz was, in large part, the product of Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara's refusal to accept a four reactor plant carrier, and the severe design challenges of powering an aircraft carrier (including propulsion and catapults) using two reactor plants. 
 Reference:  Duncan, Francis. Rickover: The Struggle for Excellence. Annapolis, Md: Naval Institute Press, 2001, pages 174-187. 
 Date:   1976 
 Subject(s):  A4W | D2G | USS Nimitz (CVN-68) | USS South Carolina (CGN-37) | USS California (CGN-36) | Naval Reactors 
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