720 Naval Reactors History Database (subject=S2W;subject-join=exact;smode=simple;brand=default);subject-join%3Dexact;smode%3Dsimple;brand%3Ddefault Results for your query: subject=S2W;subject-join=exact;smode=simple;brand=default Mon, 01 Jan 2007 12:00:00 GMT Mobilis in mobile: History of the U.S.S. Nautilus. Andy Rogulich, NAJVS Inc. Slides from a presentation by Andy Rogulich of the North American Jules Verne Society at the organization's 2007 conference. Rogulich describes the history of the USS Nautilus (SSN-571) and compares her with Verne's fictional Nautilus in Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. Rogulich's comparison of attributes of the USS Nautilus and Verne's Nautilus (page 16) is particularly interesting. He describes his visit to the Historic Ship Nautilus and the fact that a signed first edition of Verne's "Twenty Thousand Leagues" is displayed on board the Nautilus museum. Sun, 08 Jul 2007 12:00:00 GMT The Nautilus approaches New York City, 1958. The USS Nautilus, following the successful completion of her 1958 transpolar voyage. Admiral Hyman Rickover's joint Navy/Atomic Energy Commission organization led the creation of the Nautilus. Under Naval Reactors, Westinghouse was responsible for the design and construction of the land-based S1W prototype reactor plant and the S2W plant that powered the Nautilus. Electric Boat constructed the Nautilus and was a subcontractor to Westinghouse for construction of the S1W prototype's hull. Mon, 25 Aug 1958 12:00:00 GMT Stern view of USS Nautilus. The USS Nautilus underway in Long Island Sound in May 1955, eight months after her commissioning. Sat, 01 Jan 1955 12:00:00 GMT The USS Nautilus after her successful polar voyage. The USS Nautilus enters New York harbor following her successful voyage under the North Pole. The Nautilus was the first submarine to reach the North Pole, sailing under the pole on 3 August 1958. Mon, 25 Aug 1958 12:00:00 GMT The USS Nautilus underway. The USS Nautilus underway. The world's first nuclear-powered submarine, the Nautilus was powered by an S2W reactor plant. The S2W design was guided by the lessons learned during the construction and early operation of the Mark I (or S1W) prototype at the Idaho National Laboratory. Wed, 01 Jan 1964 12:00:00 GMT View from the bridge prior to the Nautilus' submerged polar crossing. Nautilus Captain William Anderson (right) stands on the bridge prior to the submarine's historic voyage under the North Pole. Wed, 01 Jan 1958 12:00:00 GMT