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1Title:  Report on low enriched uranium for naval reactor cores Add
 Summary:  This report examines the potential use of LEU (low-enriched uranium, defined as 20% or lower, U-235 isotope) compared with the HEU (highly-enriched uranium, 93% or higher, U-235 isotope) that's currently used in United States naval nuclear reactors. This study is a successor to a 1995 report written by Naval Reactors. The Background section provides a good summary of program history, including its emphasis on conservative engineering design. Most importantly, "pressurized water reactor, with HEU fuel in high integrity fuel elements has proven to be the optimum design to meet the essential functional requirements for nuclear propulsion for warships, as well as to provide very long core lifetimes for maximum affordability and ship readiness" (3). Because of the specialized engineering and science resources that are fully committed to current Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program support, the report argues that both additional funding and research ahead of shipboard application are essential for LEU to be a more competitive naval nuclear propulsion option. 
 Date:   2014 
 Subject(s):  Highly enriched uranium (HEU) | Naval Reactors 
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 Format:  PDF 
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