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1Title:  FY 2006 Naval Reactors budget request Add
 Summary:  The fiscal year 2006 budget request for Naval Reactors. Beyond the primary goal of plant safety, the request describes NR's strategic efforts "to increase core energy, to achieve life-of-the-ship cores, and to eliminate the need to refuel nuclear powered ships" (557). These development efforts included the reactor plant design for the CVN 21 class (the A1B reactor) and the Transformational Technology Core (TTC) for Virginia-class fast attack submarines. One motive behind TTC described in the request was "the need to transition from 97 to 93 percent enriched Uranium fuel. This transition is necessitated by the shutdown of the high enrichment plant and the decision to use Uranium recovered from retired nuclear weapons as starter material for naval nuclear reactors" (558). The "Reactor Technology and Analysis" section provides more in-depth coverage of NR's TTC work. 
 Date:   2005 
 Subject(s):  Budgetary information | Naval Reactors 
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