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1Title:  Statement of Admiral Frank L. Bowman, Director, Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program, before the Senate Armed Services Committee, National Nuclear Security Administration budget Add
 Summary:  Admiral Frank Bowman's written statement in support of the Naval Reactors request in the fiscal year 2001 budget. The document provides a good description of the role of the Director, Naval Nuclear Propulsion and an overview of the program's history and culture. Bowman's emphasis on "the longevity of its senior managers and staff" is consistent with Admiral Hyman Rickover's management of the program (as its first director). In terms of the FY 2001 request, Bowman identifies reactor development for the Virginia-class fast-attack submarines and the successor to the Nimitz-class carriers as priorities. He also describes NR's efforts since 1993 in deactivating land-based prototype plants. 
 Date:  25 February 2000 
 Subject(s):  Budgetary information | Naval Reactors 
 Type:  Text 
 Format:  PDF 
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