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1Title:  Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program--1970 Add
 Summary:  The unclassified portion of Joint Committee on Atomic Energy hearings relating to the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program. The document describes the growth in the Soviet submarine force, including ballistic missile submarines. A key recommendation concerns the construction of a new class of fast attack submarines, the Los Angeles class: "Because of the urgency of delivering the new high-speed SSN 688 class attack submarines to the fleet, the Joint Committee strongly recommends that the fiscal year 1971 nuclear warship construction program include as a minimum the funds necessary to award contracts for four of these submarines and advance funding for three more" (vii). Additionally, David Leighton of Naval Reactors describes the limits on construction activities because the Department of Defense had not placed "the highest industrial priority" on the high-speed submarine project (30). One noted engineering advance is core life extension: "Cores are being produced which will provide for over 10 years of normal ship operations without refueling, a remarkable advancement over the 2- to 3-year lifetimes of our earliest naval cores" (iii). Rickover also describes another technical development, the electric drive submarine, which he asserts "is being designed to be the quietest submarine that has ever been built" (40). He describes the technological advances required for the Nimitz-class carriers, which are powered by two A4W reactors. (At the time of the hearing, the USS Nimitz was under construction.) 
 Date:   1970 
 Subject(s):  Rickover, Hyman G. | Naval Reactors 
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