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1Title:  Packaged, defueled submarine reactor compartments at the Hanford Site Add
 Summary:  The defueled and packaged reactor compartments removed from decommissioned submarines are stored in trench 94 at the Department of Energy's Hanford Site. The compartments are currently stored in open dry storage and will eventually be buried in the trench. This storage is the final step in the Ship-Submarine Recycling Program (SRP), which handles the disposal of decommissioned nuclear vessels. 
 Date:   2003 
 Subject(s):  Hanford Site | Ship-Submarine Recycling Program (SRP) | Naval Reactors 
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 Format:  JPEG 
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2Title:  Stern view of the USS Enterprise Add
 Summary:  Stern view of USS Enterprise (CVN-65), which is powered by eight A2W reactors and four propulsion plants/shafts. The Enterprise is shown during an ordnance onload in the Atlantic Ocean. 
 Date:  31 October 2003 
 Subject(s):  A2W | USS Enterprise (CVN-65) | Naval Reactors 
 Type:  Image 
 Format:  JPEG 
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3Title:  USS Cheyenne - last Los Angeles-class nuclear submarine Add
 Summary:  The USS Cheyenne, the last Los Angeles-class submarine, pulls into port in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii following a deployment. 
 Date:  24 April 2003 
 Subject(s):  S6G | USS Cheyenne (SSN-773) | Naval Reactors 
 Type:  Image 
 Format:  JPEG 
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