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1Title:  USS Skate in the arctic region Add
 Summary:  The USS Skate surfaces in the arctic region. The Skate was powered by the S3W reactor, a successor to the S1W/S2W plants that was built withoutthe construction of a prototype. She traveled under the North Pole in August 1958, just eight days after the Nautilus' historic polar crossing. The Skate was built with a strengthened sail structure and improved fathometer equipment (compared with Nautilus) in order to improve the sub's ability to operate in the polar region. In March 1959, she conducted winter polar operations and surfaced near the North Pole. 
 Reference:  Rockwell, Theodore. The Rickover Effect: How One Man Made a Difference. Lincoln, NE: IUniverse, 2002, pages 251-255. 
 Date:   1959 
 Subject(s):  S3W | USS Skate (SSN-578) | Naval Reactors 
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2Title:  The George Washington - ballistic missile submarine Add
 Summary:  The USS George Washington (SSBN-598), the world's first ballistic missile submarine, being launched at Electric Boat in Groton, Connecticut in 1959. Because of the national security urgency of building a less-vulnerable missile system, the construction of the George Washington was expedited by using the bow and stern sections of the of the under-construction Scorpion, and inserting a 130 foot missile section between the two sections. She was powered by the submarine fleet reactor plant, the S5W. 
 Reference:  Hewlett, Richard G., and Francis Duncan. Nuclear Navy, 1946-1962. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1974, page 315. 
 Date:  09 June 1959 
 Subject(s):  S5W | USS George Washington (SSBN-598) | Naval Reactors 
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3Title:  USS Triton: Twin reactor submarine Add
 Summary:  The USS Triton during its sea trials in 1959. The Triton was driven by two S4G reactors and twin screws; the S4G's design was tested through the operation of the land-based S3G prototype. The S3G and S4G plants were the first pressurized water reactors designed and constructed by General Electric following the company's development of the sodium-cooled S1G and S2G reactors. 
 Reference:  Hewlett, Richard G., and Francis Duncan. Nuclear Navy, 1946-1962. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1974, pages 272-276. 
 Date:  27 September 1959 
 Subject(s):  S4G | USS Triton (SSRN-586) | Naval Reactors 
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