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1Title:  TMI-2 Lessons Learned Task Force: Status report and short-term recommendations Add
 Summary:  This document, known as NUREG-0578, was created by the Lessons Learned Task Force, an interdisciplinary group formed by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission in the aftermath of the Three Mile Island (TMI-2) accident, which occurred on 28 March 1979. Of particular interest is the section on short-term recommendations, in which the task force proposes changes to operating procedures given the circumstances of the TMI-2 accident (a loss of feed in the secondary system, followed by a loss of coolant accident [LOCA] in the primary system of the pressurized water reactor, with resulting core damage). Several recommendations stand out. First, providing emergency power for critical services, such as pressurizer level indicator, pressurizer heaters, and power-operated control values. Second, performing periodic checking of primary system safety and relief valves. Third, and critically, ensuring that operators are trained to better diagnose "low reactor coolant level and inadequate core cooling using existing reactor instrumentation (flow, temperature, power, etc.)" (8). While the recommendations as a whole are focused on commercial power reactor plants, many of these operational recommendations are applicable to the pressurized water reactors operated in the Navy's submarine and surface force. 
 Date:   1979 
 Subject(s):  Reactor safety | Nuclear engineering | Naval Reactors 
 Type:  Text 
 Format:  PDF 
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