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1Title:  Materials performance in operating PWR steam generators Add
 Summary:  This paper describes a challenge to the operation of pressurized water reactors on naval vessels: Steam generator U-tube leakage, primarily due to secondary chemistry problems. As described in the abstract, chemistry problems are centered in "those areas of the steam generators where limited coolant circulation and high heat flux have caused impurities to concentrate." Circulation problems (leading to cracking and corrosion) in Inconel U-tubes can be produced by "sludge deposits accumulated on the tube sheet or on tubing supports." In terms of prevention, the paper notes that "at the present time, all U.S. manufacturers of PWR's are recommending that their customers use an all-volatile treatment of the secondary coolant." It continues by providing water chemistry case studies on the three methods then used to maintain secondary chemistry: "A phosphate treatment, an all-volatile treatment, and a zero-solids treatment" (and the importance of moving from the first treatment method and attempting to reverse sludge problems in plants with extensive past use of phosphate treatments). Note: Some portions of the reproduced text are not legible. 
 Date:   1975 
 Subject(s):  Nuclear engineering | Naval Reactors 
 Type:  Text 
 Format:  PDF 
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