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1Title:  Mechanical properties of Zircaloy-2 Add
 Summary:  To summarize: "Zircaloy-2 is a zirconium-tin alloy developed for use in water cooled nuclear reactors. It possesses good corrosion resistance to high-temperature water, excellent nuclear characteristics, and sufficiently good mechanical properties for use as a structural material in reactor cores and as a fuel element material" (1). The report analyzes changes in Zircaloy-2 properties caused by changes in operating conditions, including temperature, hydrogen concentration, and the presence of small notches in the material. As noted in the Hewlett/Duncan book, Nuclear Navy, "the study of zirconium alloys [in the first half of the 1950s] resulted in the development of a new material called Zircaloy-2, which was far superior to the material used in the [Mark I/S1W] core." 
 Date:   1961 
 Subject(s):  Zirconium/Zircaloy | Nuclear engineering | Naval Reactors 
 Type:  Text 
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