720 Naval Reactors History Database (f1-subject=Nuclear engineering;f2-date=1959;f3-type=Text);f2-date%3D1959;f3-type%3DText Results for your query: f1-subject=Nuclear engineering;f2-date=1959;f3-type=Text Thu, 01 Jan 1959 12:00:00 GMT Defueling the S2G reactor. General Electric Company. Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory. This report describes the defueling of Seawolf's S2G reactor plant at Electric Boat in January 1959. This defueling was accomplished as part of the Seawolf's conversion from the sodium-cooled, intermediate range S2G reactor to a pressurized water reactor (PWR), owing to problems with the sodium-cooled design. These serious problems, which plagued the S1G (or Mark A) prototype and S2G shipboard plants, demonstrated the clear superiority of the PWR design in submarine propulsion. The report describes the importance of training (for Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory, Electric Boat, and Navy personnel who worked on the defueling) consisting of lectures and dry-runs that took place in the fall of 1958. The dry-runs enabled workers to check the condition of refueling equipment and time estimates for the completion of maintenance steps. (The summary on page 18 describes the importance of dry-runs and recommends some best practices for accomplishing them.) The dry-runs also contributed to the success in minimizing... Thu, 01 Jan 1959 12:00:00 GMT