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1Title:  An evaluation of data on zirconium-uranium alloys Add
 Summary:  This document, compiled by Frank Rough of the Battelle Memorial Institute, contains a review of information on zirconium-uranium alloys. As noted in the introduction, "because of the similar properties and fabricational characteristics of these materials, the cladding of zirconium-uranium alloys with Zircaloy has proven to be very successful, with good metallurgical bonds being obtained" (7). This review addresses issues such as the corrosion of zirconium-uranium alloys in high temperature/high pressure systems and the impact of neutron irradiation upon these alloys. These and other issues are addressed and mapped to an extensive bibliography. As described by historians Thomas Hewlett and Francis Duncan in their book Nuclear Navy, Naval Reactors was deeply involved in the development of zirconium production in the United States, with the need to produce tonnage lots of zirconium to support early prototype and submarine reactor core construction. Beyond this, improvements in the technology were needed, such as the development of Zircaloy-2, a material superior to the zirconium-uranium alloy used in the first Mark I/S1W core. 
 Date:   1955 
 Subject(s):  Zirconium/Zircaloy | Nuclear engineering | Naval Reactors 
 Type:  Text 
 Format:  PDF 
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