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1Title:  The USS Skipjack, first submarine driven by S5W plant Add
 Summary:  The USS Skipjack, the first boat on which the S5W reactor was installed. The S5W core was designed by Westinghouse's Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory. Unlike the S2W plant installed in the Nautilus, the S5W was designed and built without the benefit of a land-based prototype. The most significant improvements in the S5W design, relative to earlier Bettis-designed reactors, involved "the reactor core, including the fuel assemblies and the control rods" (282). These components could be tested at the Bettis laboratory without a full-scale prototype being constructed. The S5W, the submarine fleet reactor, was used to power nearly 100 fast attack and ballistic missile boats. 
 Reference:  Hewlett, Richard G., and Francis Duncan. Nuclear Navy, 1946-1962. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1974, pages 278-282. 
 Date:   unknown  
 Subject(s):  S5W | USS Skipjack (SSN-585) | Naval Reactors 
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2Title:  Launch of the USS Skipjack Add
 Summary:  The launch of the USS Skipjack, lead boat in her class. The Skipjack incorporated a new hull design to improve her underwater speed, through a decrease in the length-to-beam ratio (making the boat both shorter and wider compared with nuclear submarines such as the Nautilus and Skate). The Skipjack was the first submarine powered by the S5W reactor plant, which became the Navy's submarine fleet reactor, used to drive both attack and ballistic missile submarines. 
 Date:  26 May 1958 
 Subject(s):  S5W | USS Skipjack (SSN-585) | Naval Reactors 
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