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1Title:  HMS Dreadnought, first British nuclear submarine Add
 Summary:  The HMS Dreadnought, the first British nuclear-powered submarine. In both her overall design and propulsion plant, the Dreadnought mirrored the six United States submarines of the Skipjack class. The Dreadnought was powered by an S5W reactor; Westinghouse worked with the British manufacturer Rolls Royce on the construction of the propulsion plant. Electric Boat provided assistance to the Vickers-Armstrong Limited shipyard for the submarine's construction. 
 Reference:  Polmar, Norman. Atomic Submarines. London: Van Nostrand, 1963, pages 149-151. 
 Date:   unknown  
 Subject(s):  S5W | HMS Dreadnought (S101) | UK Naval Nuclear Propulsion Programme | Naval Reactors 
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