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1Title:  FY 2003 Naval Reactors budget request Add
 Summary:  This document provides an extremely detailed analysis of the FY 2003 budget request for the Naval Reactors program. The section on operational lifetimes (page 12 of file) notes that the Enterprise and a number of Los Angeles-class submarines are serving for far longer than their designed lifetimes. The request describes the fact that six of the eight land-based prototypes had been shutdown by 2002 and were in the process of being deactivated. It provides reports on the units within Naval Reactors, including mission goals, recently-completed activities, and planned projects. 
 Date:   2002 
 Subject(s):  Budgetary information | Naval Reactors 
 Type:  Text 
 Format:  PDF 
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2Title:  Statement of Admiral Frank L. Bowman, U.S. Navy, Director, Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program to the Senate Armed Services Committee ,Strategic Subcommittee Add
 Summary:  In this statement, Admiral Frank Bowman provides information to the Senate Armed Services Committee on Naval Reactors' FY 2003 budget request. Bowman describes the composition and strategic capabilities of the Navy's nuclear-powered attack submarines, ballistic missile submarines, and aircraft carriers. He notes that the Virginia-class attack submarines, which are powered by the S9G reactor, have the first cores that are designed to last for the entire lifetime of the ship. Bowman describes the steps being taken to extend the life of nuclear-powered vessels, such as refueling the Los Angeles-class attack submarines. Consistent with the joint Navy-Department of Energy scope of NR activities, Bowman also describes the DOE's budget request, including support for reactor development work that extends core life. He lists Virginia-class (S9G reactor) and CVNX (A1B reactor) development, spent fuel processing, and prototype deactivation as significant DOE funding priorities. 
 Date:  10 April 2002 
 Subject(s):  Budgetary information | Naval Reactors 
 Type:  Text 
 Format:  PDF 
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