720 Naval Reactors History Database (f1-date=1994) Results for your query: f1-date=1994 Sat, 01 Jan 1994 12:00:00 GMT Naval spent nuclear fuel management. This document provides a planning and options overview of spent fuel handling for naval reactors plants as of 1994. Attachment A provides, as noted in the scope statement, "an evaluation of the radiological and non-radiological risks associated with the transportation of naval spent nuclear fuel and [irradiated] test specimens that originate from Navy and commercial shipyards, prototypes, and related Department of Energy laboratories" (A-1). These materials have historically been handled at the Idaho National Laboratory's Expended Core Facility. It continues by describing five alternatives for the handling and management of spent fuel generated from naval nuclear propulsion plants. This section also describes, in depth, the locations that send and receive shipments; spent nuclear fuel shipping containers; transport methods for containers; and, information on potential exposure from the transportation of spent fuel containers. On the latter point, information on accident analyses (along with exposure as... Sat, 01 Jan 1994 12:00:00 GMT Reactor compartment packages at the Hanford Site's trench 94. Defueled reactor compartments from decommissioned submarines are housed in enclosures in trench 94 at the Department of Energy's Hanford Site. The defueled compartments are removed from submarines and packaged at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, then shipped by barge and trailer to Hanford. Sat, 01 Jan 1994 12:00:00 GMT