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1Title:  Department of Energy FY 1985 Congressional budget request: Atomic energy defense activities Add
 Summary:  The FY 1985 Naval Reactors budget request, part of the Department of Energy's request for FY 1985. The program overview notes the importance of NR's support for national security, in that "the most survivable leg of our strategic defense triad" is based upon nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines (674). One interesting aspect of the overview is that, in the list of benefits gained from advanced reactor development, the reduction of plant operators is not included. This could be considered the pre-drawdown perspective on reactor development. The importance of the Expended Core Facility's work is emphasized by the statement that "examination of spent reactor cores provides valuable information about core performance and the effects of reactor operation on reactor materials" (676). The role of computer systems in core and component design is described in the "Nuclear Design and Analysis" section. In 1984, there were eight naval nuclear prototype plants in operation. (By 2011, the number of prototypes had been reduced to four.) The request notes the importance of the ability to test reactor cores and components in these plants: "no amount of analysis or accelerated testing can provide the data which can be obtained from the actual in-service experience obtained by operating the prototypes" (682). The prototypes' role in operator training is described in the "Reactor Operation and Testing" section. 
 Date:   1984 
 Subject(s):  Budgetary information | Naval Reactors 
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