720 Naval Reactors History Database (f1-date=1972) Results for your query: f1-date=1972 Sat, 01 Jan 1972 12:00:00 GMT Nuclear propulsion for naval warships. Joint Committee on Atomic Energy This document is a hearing and inquiry record of the Joint Committee on Atomic Energy's Subcommittee on Military Applications regarding the application of nuclear propulsion to naval warships. The primary issue of concern to the Joint Committee is the slow adoption of naval nuclear propulsion, a point of contention between the committee and the Department of Defense for more than a decade (under three administrations). The programs and vessels that the Joint Committee was most concerned about in 1972 included the high-speed fast attack submarine (Los Angeles-class); the need for more Nimitz-class nuclear-powered aircraft carriers; the Trident ballistic missile submarine; and, the construction of more nuclear-powered frigates (carrier escort vessels). Vice Admiral Hyman Rickover, who led the Naval Reactors program at the time, testifies at his hearing in strong support of all of these programs. He describes the benefits of the Trident missile submarine, including longer-range missiles, which would make a... Sat, 01 Jan 1972 12:00:00 GMT