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1Title:  Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program--1971 Add
 Summary:  This document includes the unclassified testimony of Vice Admiral Hyman Rickover, Director, Naval Nuclear Propulsion, before the Joint Committee on Atomic Energy. Rickover's testimony touches on a wide range of topics, particularly the need to expand the nuclear navy in light the growth of the Soviet fleet. Rickover emphasizes "the rapidly expanding Soviet naval threat and the rapidly declining naval strength of the United States relative to the threat" and the Soviet's quantitative and qualitative advances in submarine development (iii). As one step to address these advances, the Joint Committee advocates "a strong construction program of high speed SSN-688 (Los Angeles-class) class ships" (viii). Rickover asserts that "because of their improved propulsion plant, [Los Angeles-class] submarines will have greatly increased capabilities compared to our previous attack submarine designs" (14). The Joint Committee's primary criticism of the Nixon administration and the Department of Defense is in the area of surface ship nuclear construction, particularly the administration's decision to delay approval for the acquisition of "long lead nuclear propulsion plant components" for the USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70) (xi). In his testimony, Rickover describes the impact of this delay in CVN-70 funding and delivery delays in two other nuclear-powered carriers also being built by Newport News Shipbuilding (the Nimitz and the Eisenhower). The Forward also describes the committee's support for nuclear-powered carrier escort ships. Finally, in describing nuclear propulsion plant development, Rickover emphasizes the importance of "engineering innovation" over radical breakthroughs to achieve more powerful and lighter plants (35). 
 Date:   1971 
 Subject(s):  Rickover, Hyman G. | Naval Reactors 
 Type:  Text 
 Format:  PDF 
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