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1Title:  Atomic shield: A History of the United States Atomic Energy Commission Add
 Chapter title:  "Atomic power: Quandry and quagmire" 
 Summary:  This chapter, from an official history of the AEC, provides a detailed account of the creation of the Naval Reactors program in the context of other activities of the Atomic Energy Commission. Authors Richard Hewlett and Francis Duncan (who later cowrote the first official history of the Naval Reactors program) describe the push by Chief of the Bureau of Ships Admiral Earle Mills and Captain Hyman Rickover to create a joint Navy-Atomic Energy Commission program that would, working with private industry, lead the development of a nuclear submarine. One of the strengths of this study is that it shows how the Navy's demands were balanced by the AEC, given the Commission's other responsibilities and the competing demands that it was placing upon vendors like General Electric. The authors describe a series of events in 1948-1949, during which Westinghouse agreed to support the design of the Mark I (S1W) pressurized water reactor plant and General Electric was becoming more deeply engaged with naval nuclear propulsion work. 
 Date:   1969 
 Subject(s):  S1W | Rickover, Hyman G. | Naval Reactors 
 Type:  Text 
 Format:  PDF 
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2Title:  Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program--1969 Add
 Summary:  This Joint Committee on Atomic Energy hearing was held to obtain supplemental data for the fiscal year 1970 Atomic Energy Commission request for the naval reactors development program. The document includes information on several issues of controversy between the Joint Committee and the Executive Branch, including the ongoing construction of nuclear-powered aircraft carriers, the development of a high speed fast attack submarine (Los Angeles-class), and Admiral Rickover's continuation as the head of the Naval Reactors program. It includes a lengthy (101 pages) record of Admiral Rickover's testimony to the Joint Committee. Rickover's testimony focuses on the danger on the Soviet Union's submarine buildup and the need to build the high speed, fast attack submarine; this construction program was a point of contention between the Joint Committee and both the Johnson and Nixon administrations. The Joint Committee's position in the document: "Because of the urgency of delivering these new ships to the fleet, the Joint Committee strongly recommends that the fiscal year 1970 nuclear warship construction program include as a minimum the funds necessary to award contracts for the first three high-speed submarines and advance funding for five more" (VII). Also, given the lengthy battle between the Joint Committee and the Department of Defense over the application of nuclear power to aircraft carriers (with Defense Secretary Robert McNamara recommending the construction of a conventional carrier in 1963), Rickover's description of systems analysis in his testimony (on pages 63-65) is both interesting and revealing. 
 Date:   1969 
 Subject(s):  S6G | USS Los Angeles (SSN-688) | Rickover, Hyman G. | Naval Reactors 
 Type:  Text 
 Format:  PDF 
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